• Transitioning Envy Players

    Envy to redirect many of their teams and players to other local club organizations

  • Details on the Changes

    Following the 2016 Fall season, Envy will complete the process of transitioning all but the 2019 team to outside club organizations.

    A message from Kim Wenger

    Owner and 2019 Envy Coach

    It is with great disappointment that we have decided to redirect all but one team of players in the Envy Lacrosse organization. After much consideration and apprehension, the leadership of Envy feels that transitioning our loyal and dynamic players into other organizations would be in the players' and families' best interest at this time. The risk of continuing the teams with low participation would make it very difficult to deliver the promised experience that Envy strives to provide to its members.


    Moving forward, I am committed to help each player connect with a new organization that they feel most comfortable with. As part of preparing, we have paired with two specific organizations that have been instrumental in making the change as smooth and simple as possible. If another program is of interest to you, I will make the introduction for you and facilitate as much or as little communication as needed. Please contact me personally for recommendations or to seek more guidance as you are reviewing different options for the summer season.


    Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our families that have been with continuously supported Envy and helped us develop over my past 2 years of overseeing the club. Thank you to our coaches and staff who devoted much of their time to lead our players and help create the energy and culture of the program. Although this has been a very difficult change, I look forward to following each of your career and wish you the best of luck. I encourage you to reach out with updates on your future lax successes and if I can answer additional questions or do anything to help you down the road, I would be happy to do so.


    I look forward to sharing the Fall season with you and hope you continue to encourage the 2019s as they carry on the Envy brand for the next two seasons.


    Thank you for your commitment and hard work.

    Kim Wenger